A Terminal Designed for the Needs of a Small Business

  • The Lowest Rental in the Market – $9.50 per month
  • Does What You Need It to do!
  • Save Space With The Compact Terminal
  • Don’t Pay For Unwanted Extras

Merchantlink has access to Commonwealth Bank’s extensive range of EFTPOS terminals, so you can be sure there is a solution that meets your business needs.

About the Terminal

Starting a new business
The EFTPOS Lite terminal is the cheapest terminal on the market for accepting credit and EFTPOS card payments. The EFTPOS Lite is designed for smaller businesses that have fewer card transactions and don’t require all the additional features that are often found on other EFTPOS terminals. This way you pay for what you will need and not for any extra features you don’t.

The EFPTOS Lite terminal is also the ideal terminal if your business is getting EFTPOS for the first time or your about to open your doors.

We understand that in the past the cost of an EFTPOS terminal could be a barrier, but now with the low monthly rental for the EFTPOS Lite it’s no longer un-affordable.

If you are looking for a terminal that can do more than just transact payments then click here to learn about the EFTPOS Plus.

Download Brochure

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